Better Sales Workshop

Presented by Travis Nice


Your sales team is the face of your business and first impressions count.  It can be hard to make a good first impression with a website when you know nothing about websites!  Don’t put it in the ‘too hard basket’ when this workshop can show you how digitally engaged businesses DO increase their revenue by 20%.


Sales people are usually well equipped with knowledge of their products, pricing and presentations.  But how well are you equipped with the relationship building skills that will take you to the front of the client in the first place?


We teach your sales team how to get to the core of their clients’ needs wants and desires so that your business can get the right product to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, for the right price.

No-one will know your story until you tell it!


This workshop will assist you with the following:

  • Sales

  • Digital Engagement

  • Website - Landing Pages

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Press Releases

  • Social Media