Certificate II Hospitality​



This qualification reflects the role of individuals who use a defined and limited range of hospitality operational skills.  They are involved in mainly routine and repetitive tasks using practical skills and basic industry knowledge working under direct supervision.


This qualification provides a pathway to work in various hospitality settings, such as restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes and coffee shops.


To achieve this qualification 12 units must be completed consisting of:


BSBWOR203B - Work effectively with others

SITHIND201 - Source and use information on the hospitality industry

SITHIND202 - Use hospitality skills effectively

SITXCOM201 - Show social and cultural sensitivity

SITXCCS202 - Interact with customers

SITXWHS101 - Participate in safe work practices

SITXFSA101 - Use hygienic practices for food safety

SITHFAB101 - Clean and tidy bar areas

SITHFAB201 - Provide responsible service of alcohol

SITHFAB203 - Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages

SITHFAB206 - Serve food and beverage

SITXFIN201 - Process financial transactions

Mandatory Eligibility Requirements    


  • Older than 15 years

  • Queensland resident

  • Not at school



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